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5 must have extensions used by the most successful online businesses.

In online sales conversions is the name of the game. The higher your conversion rate is the lower your cost for client aquisition. There are some extensions that can truly make a big difference if your customers buy from you or not.


Abandoned Cart Extension

An abandoned cart extension collects the users information at checkout and in the event that they don't complete the sale they are sent a series of emails in an effort to influence the customer to come back and complete the sale. These emails include a list of the items that were in the users cart at checkout. This makes it really easy for them to resume where they left off in the purchase process. These emails may also contain coupons to further entice the user to complete their order. This is a must have extension that will truly help you to improve your conversions.


Search Extension

Magento's default search is really bad at delivering accurate search results. If your visitors can't find the products they are looking for in your store they will buy them from someone else. I highly recommend updating the search feature using a third party extension.


One-Step-Checkout Extension

Magento by default has a 5 page checkout. The more steps a user has to take to complete a transaction the greater the chance they will abandon the transaction. Upgrading your Magento site with a one-step-checkout process will greatly improve your conversion rate up to 60%.


Awesome Checkout Extension

Awesome checkout integrates with your existing checkout page but it improves the user experience. I reduces the number of fields and steps necessary while making the checkout process more intuitive. Reducing confusion and steps at checkout is sure to improve conversions.


Social Login Extension

Almost everyone on the planet has a Facebook or Twitter account. Give your users the ability to sign in using their Facebook or Twitter account and this will improve the overall user experience. This reduces the barrier to entry during checkout and will help to improve the user experience and thus improve conversions.

5 Must Have Extensions

That Will Greatly Improve Your Conversion Rate